Our Company do not pick up animal feces.

  • Cleaning of bodily fluids
  • mold,
  • bedbugs we are not pets control we do not service bed bugs or any other insects 
  •  if you have any animals, we ask that you put them away for us to do our services. 
  •  Other bio- hazards except for an ordinary level of bathroom cleaning.
  •  extremely cluttered rooms.
  • Our cleaning technicians must be able to move freely and safely through your home with their tools and supplies. If your home is extremely cluttered, pick items off the floors.
  • Heavy lifting. Due to insurance restrictions, our cleaning technicians may not lift anything weighing more than 30 pounds.
  • Cleaning anything more than six feet above the ground. Due to insurance restrictions, our cleaning technicians may not use any ladder higher than a two-step ladder. Ceiling fans will be cleaned with a duster or brush if technicians can reach the blades by using a two-step ladder.
  • Human waste
  •  If there are lots of things on the floor's we asked that they be moved so we can do our job by coming in and cleaning your home. 

    Payment Policies:  

  • payments are to be paid on the day of services we don't accept partial payments full payments only sorry about the inconvenience. 

Refund Policies 

We do not offer refunds  back for completed services. If there is a issue with your service we would be more then happy to fix the issue . We ask that you notify Fantastic Sparkle Self Cleaning within 24 hours of that service. We will respond back to your issue at our earliest convenience. 

Weather Policy 

If their is a major weather condition where it is unsafe for any one to be outside or on the roads we will have to cancel your appointment . All our employees safety is very important. But will reschedule your appointment at earliest inconvenience. 

Insurance Policy

If anything becomes broken in your home, we will cover the damages. Which we make sure we don't damage anything in your home/ businesses.